Andia Winslow

Andia Winslow

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"Smooth Warm Molasses"

Neutral American accent with no regional accent tones.

Vocal Qualities:
1/ Deeper, resonant voice for a woman but still feminine. Not intentionally sultry, just deep and rich. Smooth like molasses, luxurious.

2/ Scratchy voice that loses saturation at quieter tones — where the rasp comes through but smoothes out as she increases in volume. But the rasp is always there behind the voice creating texture

3/ A voice with wisdom but only because she's wise. Not self-important.

4/ Girl Next Door, Millennial sass and edge

5/ Girl in the Know. The go-to fashionista, popular character that everyone aspires to be

6/ Empowering Conference Intro Voice. Rouses audiences and gets them excited to activate!

7/ Tom-Boy Athlete. Think professional sports teams, apparel, experiences, sports drinks

Other misc voices: Friendly Mom, Apathetic Teenager, Urban, Elevator / Telephone Answering Service, Robotic "Alexa"


Kalmenson & Kalmenson, Working Pro - LA

Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab - LA

Anna Garduno - Backstage: Top VO CoachVoice Forward, NYC

American Film Institute - Acting Conservatory

Mike Datz - LA

The Acting Workshop, NYC Robert Patterson - Finding Voice

D.A. Pennebaker - Yale University

Presence In Film - Melvin Van Peebles, LA


Oscars Sunday I was the Voice of God for Fusion TV's "All Def Digital Movie Awards." My most recent TV narration/promo project for PBS is airing daily in every market and online: I am also the female promo voice for the global Hillsong TV Channel that broadcasts 24/7. Hillsong is one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the world: A fun and educational animation project for bioGraphic engages new audience in the natural world. I voice the new RISE to Win campaign --founded by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross-- that celebrates the power of sport to unify people from different walks of life:

Several years: TV Commercial, Radio Imaging, IVR, Independent Film, Documentary, Live TV, Non-Profit, App, Industrial, Live Event, Conference Presenter, eLearning, Internet Content. Select Clients include: PBS, bioGraphic, Boeing, Fusion TV, Spike Lee, United Way Worldwide, Bissell, Hillsong Church, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kidney Foundation, Job Corps, Legal Talk Network, Columbia University, Big Foot Media, 33 1/3 Productions, Free Chapel, Social Enterprise Alliance, American Heart Association, National Kidney Foundation, Impact Capitalism, Payoda, Brooklyn Independent Media, The Fit Cycle, Waterworks, The Jackie Robinson Foundation. My film work featured by Forbes, SXSW, CNN, USA Today and more.