Amy Simmons

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"Confident, Credible, Professional, Warm, Supportive, Trustworthy"
Amy Simmons

* Clean, crisp, professional Non-Regional North American accent that is geographically unidentifiable

* Genuine, Authentic, Credible

* Warm, supportive and empathetic voice (often used for my pharmaceutical and medical clients)

* Authentic/native -- and very specific -- Southern accents (upscale, genteel, redneck, hillbilly, etc.)


Following a long and successful stint in corporate sales & marketing, I transitioned to a voiceover career and have done extensive work for a wide range of clients across Radio & Television, Online, Internal Communications, Industrials, and more. Having been on the client side, I have an insider's understanding of the nuances necessary to make a client's message resonate with its' consumers and audience. I pride myself on attention to detail, meeting deadlines and client satisfaction, so you'll find me highly-responsive and easy to work with.

My training includes: multiple classes at HB Studio, at SAG-AFTRA w/Cynthia deBen, Commerical Improv w/Barry Shapiro, Herman & Lipson, and Commercial Prep w/Angela Mickey, Liz Lewis Associates


I record for a broad range of industries, from Insurance to Travel to Government to Pharmaceutical/Medical and more.

A partial list of my clients includes: Swiss International Airlines, Whole Foods, Insight Broadband, Liberty Mutual, Cox Radio Group, The Foreign Policy Association, Alkermes Pharma, Canon, Suffolk County Bank, Immucor Medical, more.


- Extremely facile with pharmaceutical and medical terminology.

- Speed-talker and excellent with "legalese"

- TV and film actor with extensive on-camera experience

- Teleprompter experience

- Can do authentic accents for the following: Non-regional (generic) American, Mid-Western, and just about any Southern accent requested, including: Upscale, Genteel, Redneck, Hillbilly, etc.