Alix Macey

Alix Macey

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"UK Non Dialect, Warm, friendly, bubbly, and conversational"

With 23 years in the industry, I am a highly versatile, conscientious and professional English voice-over artist, actress and former BBC radio presenter. My voice is neutral/non-dialect UK accent, described as warm, approachable and friendly, but I offer a whole range of different styles; from upbeat and quirky, to soft, sexy and sultry - and a whole load in between!

Since I have such a diverse vocal range, I can cover so many different arenas, whether you need a young-sounding voice for an upbeat commercial or cartoon character, or an informative, mature read for an eLearning project - I can cover it.
I have my own studio, so I can always work with a quick turnaround, providing you with a clean, edited and ready to use file in the format of your choosing. I consider myself very hardworking, and your satisfaction with my work is always my number one priority, so never be afraid to ask me any questions before we begin your project.


A lot of my voiceover "training" comes from my time as a broadcaster with the BBC. However, I've been talking since I was 9 months old, haven't stopped since and have to find a voiceover in literally everything I do!
From as young as I can remember I used to mimic the TV commercials and cartoon characters. As soon as I could read, I would read the back of cereal boxes and toothpaste tubes (yes, you read that right!) and perform /read it how I would imagine they did it on the TV - I love voiceovers! It was always what I was meant to do, and I am so happy and grateful to have received all the wonderful voiceover work I get on a daily basis.

I have now been a voice talent for 23 years, so I guess my experience has been my training, and I learned as I went on.

I trained at the West London School of Acting, and perform as regularly as I can on stage, mostly as a character actress - although I have done the odd musical. My most favourite was playing Katy Brown in Calamity Jane.


I've been in the industry for 23 years when I started out narrating a series of 13 small stories for a UK children's animation company for Sky TV, and then got hooked from there. I worked as a broadcaster for the BBC for 5 years, with my own radio show between 2002-2004.
But voiceovers are my passion, and I wanted to immerse myself in the world from behind the mic creating narratives, taking someone's words and creating a story with my voice for the listener to get hooked by. Whether it's a TV commercial or an audiobook they all need a voice to identify with...this is where I come in - and I love it!

My experience is so vast and too numerous to list here, but you will have heard me on your TV and radio, you will have heard me in the high street shops, you may have children that listen to my voice on cartoons....and you may work for a company that uses my voice for their eLearning courses?

I have voiced for some of the biggest names in the world
Mercedes Benz, Vodafone, O2, Coke Cola, MG Cars, Wella, BBC, Mecca, Proctor and Gamble, World Steel Association, Kier Construction, UK Government, Cartoon Network, Sky TV.....
I also voice currently for a number of different charities; Scope, Headway, Ar-Rahmah Trust, Pets in Need, Penny Appeal and St Elizabeths Hospice.

My current ongoing project is playing the voice of Piers in the animated Sky TV's Tiny Pop series of Sylvanian Families.


I was a professional session singer for 3 years performing with the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Jamiroquai, Bad boys INC. My voice is Mezzosoprano/soprano

I work every day from my home studio, and able to turn your script around to suit your needs.