Albert Saenz

Mitglied seit 3 Jahren
"Smooth, with a dash of sweet. Shaken, not stirred."
Albert Saenz

Honesty and emotion. I have always committed myself to speaking in a way that motivated listeners to action or provoke a thought. When I was younger and doing ministry I had numerous occasions of speaking with young people and had to make very clear points in a manner that would hopefully motivate, inspire and encourage. Without honesty and emotion behind my words, my message would have fallen flat on those young ears.
Today, I continue to use honesty and emotion whenever my voice is called upon. Having spent the last five years working as a radio host at a religious station, it was important that the audience knew that I believed in our programming and without my commitment to honesty, I would simply be a guy telling people about the next program. In addition, audio theater work over the last two and half years, has allowed me the chance to express feelings in my words, whether it be poetry, short fiction or full cast renditions.
Every word has the opportunity to mean something to someone, and I always want to give every word the attention it deserves.


I am a self-taught voice over artist using my time in ministry, radio and audio theater to hone my voice skills.


I have five years of radio host experience with WAOB-FM. I also have two and half years of volunteer time with We Are One Body Audio Theatre.


I have over twenty years of audio/visual experience with a solid ten years of professional work in editing video and audio. I have spent the last five years specifically focused on editing audio files for broadcast, emphasizing noise reduction and EQ work for final delivery. I understand and demand high quality audio.