Alan Gabay

Alan Gabay

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"A friendly and inviting vibe as well as off the wall characters"

I think that I am great with creating an inviting and friendly tone that would put potential listeners at ease when listening to me sell them a product. In addition I can do a large variety of characters with voices to match to adapt to an ever changing and demanding market for Vocal talent. Essentially I believe that I have a strong core voice which is friendly and uplifting, in addition to being able to flexibly take direction and contort my voice in a myriad of interesting ways.


Primarily I have received private coaching as part of Edge Studio in NYC. I have gotten approximately two years of training for them creating a commercial and animation demo with coaches Anne Hartung and Jay Snyder respectively. In addition I have taken a smattering of hands on classes at the Actor's Connection with real Casting Directors such as Andy Roth and Diakeim Lyles in order test my voice for people who would actually be casting me.


I have worked with a small variety of significant companies in the past year, Trivium Interactive, Limelight Media Studios, The Iroquois Hotel in NYC, and most notably a Cartoon Network Live Event.


I can sing for recording if requested, I have been singing at a high level for approximately the past 8 years. I am a baritone with range g2-g4.