Adrian Castilla

Adrian Castilla

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"Social, Casual, Dynamic"

My voice is classically trained. I use my voice to act, to teach and sing my children to sleep and soothe the mind.


I am a classically trained actor (New York University, Stella Adler Studios) with major focus on voice and speech. My versatility to fit genre and style accompanies my understanding of tonality, speed, size and intensity of the voice. As a trained actor, I do not communicate feelings through my voice, but trigger emotions in the listener with the use of language


Based in Munich, I frequently voice films by Service Plan (largest owner-operated advertising agency groups in Europe and the biggest one in Germany) and was short listed for a Cannes Lion for Innovation in 2019. Other companies I have done work for include MyMuesli, Kaia (Back Pain) App, Mini Cooper/BMW, Penny, Ludwig Beck, Technical University of Munich, Smart Dairy Nutrition, Webasto among others.


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