Adam Sharp

Adam Sharp

Mitglied seit 10 Jahren •
"Warm and inviting to authoratative and firm and much more."

Smooth, friendly, deep, authoritative and soothing are just a few descriptions of Adam C. Sharp. His confidence and clear voice are perfect for any project. He can be lighthearted and fun for commercials, be serious and demand attention for informational videos and friendly and warm for narration and elearning needs. His diversity ranges from high energy for characters and commercials to calm and focused for important presentations and infomercials. No matter the project, Adam will bring the needed enthusiasm and focus to fulfill and exceed the needs of any voice project.


Adam has earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies both from California State University, Long Beach. He has been acting since he was very young and was trained as an actor at Shakespeare workshops as well as many acting workshops as well as courses in performance and acting at Long Beach City College; California State University, Long Beach and Los Angeles Regional theaters. He is also an actor, theater director, writer and instructor for acting and theater arts.


Adam has worked on commercials for local radio and TV stations in California, Oregon, Kansas and Washington. He has also narrated informational videos and elearning resources. Trained as a stage actor, he has used his voice for performance and giving presentations and speeches at colleges. He has presented at Galveston College, Texas; Garden City Community College, Kansas; Cerritos College, California; and Spokane Community College, Washington to name a few.


Adam can provide a full service for any production. From writing copy to composing original music and adding sound effects as well as my voice over skills. He has theater and film experience. I have taught theater, film and speech for over ten years in four different states. Adam has written and produced plays, scripts, music and film projects over fifteen years. He continues to teach and direct theatrical productions and perform as well.