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Young adult, Adult speaker

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English (North America), German, German (Austria)

Voice usage

Commercials, Audio Ads, Documentaries, E-Learning, Comics, Jingles, Songs, Dubbing/ADR, Games, Presentations, Web Videos, Telephone systems

Own studio

Microphone(s): Neumann TLM 103 Computer: G5 DualPowerMac Software: Logic Equipment: Focusrite Voice-Preamp

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Voice description

I am working as a professional voice-over artist since almost 10 years.
TV/Radio-Commercials, Documentaries, Voice-Over, Radioplay, Multimedia Prd., LipSynch, Answeringmachines, E Learning, Podcasts, Jingels, etc...

Professional Home-Recording available, but prefer to be recorded:-)


Musical, Acting @ Hochschule für Musik & Darstellende Kunst in Vienna
Jazzvocals @ Conservatory in Maastricht / Amsterdam
Pop Vocals & Songwiritng @ Musician`s Institute in Hollywood, Los Angeles
Awarded as “Outstanding Student of the Year 1998”
Vocalcoaching with Jeannie Deva


While i was living in Los Angeles, I worked as German Voiceover artist for the Agency ICM in Los Angeles. We mainly produced Commercials for the German Televison.
Since I am back in Austria, my voice found its place in many different Austrian & Suisse commercials, documentaries, answeringmachines, etcetera

I did Voiceovers for many Music Documentaries, such as "Jam“, „Studio Line“ „Tracks“ (VIVA and ARTE)
Voiceover for Britney Spears' Documentary

Lip Synch (small part) in My Ideal Husband“, British Airways Version

Here some of my Clients: A1, Bentour, Cappy, Cineplex, Cif, Coca Cola Light, Danone, Drei, Emi, Fairtrade, Gasteiner, Generali, Greenpeace, Guhl, Henkell, Huber Tricot, Humanic, Knorr, Kuschelweich, Labello, Leiner, Mentadent, Milka, Nescafe, Niedermayer, Nivea, Omo Color Tabs, Öbb, Persil, RTL Österreich Werbefenster, Red Zac (Dt), Rexona, Römerquelle, Rotes Kreuz, Schöller, Telecom, Tempo, Therme Laa, Toyota Aygo, Universalmusic Austria, Vichy, Wrigley, YES!!, u.v.a....


Vocals & Musicproduction.
I produced 2008 my first electronic/jazz album named [koe:r]
More Info: www.koer.at

Thanxs for taking time!

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