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Voice gender


Voice age

Adult speaker, Senior

Voice pitch

Tenor, Alto

Mother tongue(s)

English (North America)


English (neutral, Mid Atlantic), English (North America)

Voice usage

Commercials, Audio Ads, Documentaries, E-Learning, Games, Presentations, Web Videos, Telephone systems

Delivery as ...

Liz did not enter details so far.

Voice description

I take direction well, and can offer alternatives if asked, or needed. My focus is always the success of your project. Although I have a large range, my strengths are in presenting a calm, and professional voice that works well in eLearning, professional presentations and promotional videos, including medical terminology, narrations, and commercials where you are looking for the voice of a friend.


BA Communications, University of Massachusetts
Dan Levine Productions, Voice Over Coaching and Demo
David Bourgeois, VO Production
Group Marketing with Bill Chaput
Wren Ross, Booth Camp


White Lake Music & Post
Lightspeed Productions
Chameleon IT Management Services, Inc.
Video Solutions International, LLC
The Guy's Perspective


I have a home studio as well as easy access to a professional quality studio to service your voice needs.

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Voice over talent with bodalgo: Liz Nichols


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