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Voice gender


Voice age

Adult speaker

Voice pitch


Mother tongue(s)

English (North America)


English (neutral, Mid Atlantic), English (North America)

Voice usage

Commercials, Audio Ads, Documentaries, E-Learning, Comics, Jingles, Songs, Dubbing/ADR, Games, Presentations, Web Videos, Moderator (on), Telephone systems

Delivery as ...


Voice description

Deep, warm resonance for narrations, sexy commercials; upbeat/guy next door for commercials; strong voice for video games and presentations; offbeat, quirky, zany for cartoons. Comfortable playing in high registers.

sidekick guy, stuffy aristocrat, peasant, slight speech impediment, crooner, detective drunk & noir, surfer dude,jock, italian mafia, bostonian, new yorker, wild and crazy high energy guy, stuffy british, sarcastic guy, smart ass, down to earth.



Fitzmaurice Voicework
Roger Smart

Voice Over
Kathleen Puls, Bosco Productions

Adv. Meisner/Scene Study
Maryann Thebus

On-Camera Training Program
S. Bradley/David Murphy The Green Room

Meisner Technique
Kathy Scambiatterra The Artistic Home

Adv. Scene Study
Joyce & Byrne Piven Piven Theatre

3-day Improvisation Intensive
Alan Arkin, The Second City

Improv Theater Intensive
Paul Sills, Door County, WI

Comedy Improvisation training
McBrayer, Jagodowski, IO Chicago

Comedy Improvisation training
Mick Napier, Joe Bill, Annoyance Prod.


Available upon request


Kevin did not enter details so far.

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