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Voice age

Young adult, Adult speaker

Voice pitch

Tenor, Alto, Soprano

Mother tongue(s)

English (North America)


English (North America)

Voice usage

Commercials, Audio Ads, Documentaries, E-Learning, Presentations, Web Videos, Telephone systems

Own studio

Microphone(s): TLM 103 or Electrovoice RE20. Computer: MacBook Pro + Macbook Air Software: Twisted Wave Equipment: Scarlet 2i2

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Voice description

Audie Award Finalist Julie Williams is recognized as a story teller who connects with the target audience. She brings her own unique “style” to the your story (whether it be a commercial, narration, eLearning, audiobook, etc.) without taking the “spotlight off the star” — the story itself.

Her pleasant and comfortable presentation of the story yields a transparency in which the story comes through without the voice itself getting in the way.

She would LOVE to work for you! CUSTOMER SERVICE is her highest PRIORITY!

With Julie, it's "Easier said AND done!"

Mission Statement: "To honor God by ensuring that ALL my clients get more out of our relationship than I do!"


Julie Williams has taught hundreds of voiceover talents how to refine their craft. Author of several audiobooks for talent, she is an in demand coach, but her bread and butter is voice-over.

Julie also publishes a FREE monthly online magazine for VoiceOver Talent, called the VoiceOver Insider. Anyone can sign up for it at www.VoiceOverInsider.com.


Julie's Kmarro Body Shaper Infomercial just made the Top 10 Infomercials in America!
Heard recently on HGTV
Kraft Foods
WE TV (Women's Entertainment Television)
General Electric
Eyeglass World Spots,
Gutter Grip (for Home Depot)
US Army
Woodstock Museum
Stevie Learns Pool Safety,
Pizza Hut,
Sunny Delight,
Dominos Pizza,
and thousands of others.


Professional Home Studio. ipDTL preferred if direction is needed.

Payment in advance by Paypal (credit cards accepted through Paypal)

Thousands of satisfied clients. Ask for a list and I'll send it.
Contact directly at julie@voice-overs.com.

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