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Voice gender


Voice age

Child, Teenager, Young adult, Adult speaker, Senior

Voice pitch

Alto, Soprano

Mother tongue(s)

English (neutral, Mid Atlantic)


English (neutral, Mid Atlantic), English (North America)

Voice usage

Commercials, Audio Ads, Documentaries, E-Learning, Comics, Jingles, Songs, Dubbing/ADR, Games, Presentations, Web Videos, Telephone systems

Own studio

Microphone(s): Studio Projects C1 Computer: Toshiba Satellite Software: Soundforge 8 Equipment: Peavey mixer

Delivery as ...

MP3, WAVE, AIFF, CD (Overnight), FTP

Voice description

My voice range and experience includes: corporate narrations, warm voicemail greetings, engaging eLearning narrations, professional on hold messages, creative character voices, dramatic audio book voiceovers, compelling sales voice overs, stand out radio ads, soothing meditations, playful children's voice-overs, convincing podcast interviews, and more.


I was a theater arts major at the University of Pittsburgh, where I studied acting. My training also includes voice lessons and specialty voice-over classes. I am also a trained children's theater performer.


Forbes Inc.; Care2Learn; Horovitz, Rudoy and Roteman; Lange Financial Group; NCLEX-RN; CJ Scarlet; Exclamation Points; Nancy Wasson, PhD.; 4YourChild'sSuccess; Marian Snow


Singing vocal range from tenor to high soprano, child voices from toddler to pre-teen

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Voice over talent with bodalgo: Hana Haatainen Caye


An audio overview of my
Male and female voice
:60 spot I wrote and
recorded for KQV radio in
eLearning module

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