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Voice gender


Voice age

Adult speaker

Voice pitch


Mother tongue(s)

English (North America)


English (North America)

Voice usage

Commercials, Audio Ads, Documentaries, E-Learning, Comics, Presentations, Web Videos, Moderator (on), Telephone systems

Own studio

Microphone(s): Audio Technica 2020 Computer: Mac Software: Soundtrack Pro

Delivery as ...

MP3, WAVE, AIFF, CD (Overnight), FTP

Voice description

Announcer: deep, rich tone with warm, friendly, upbeat, medium-sell delivery.

Character Voices: Hillbilly (Southern accents), Dracula, Easter Bunny, Cupid, Australian Astrologer, Tooth Fairy, Clown "Sir Cares A Lot", Scrooge (British accents), Santa Claus, Elf, Hippy "Beach Bum Billy," etc.

Professional voice talent "Speedy" produces affordable character voices for animation, commercial voice overs for radio and television, voicemail greetings, message on hold, narrator for books on tape, and radio imaging with guaranteed fast turnaround.

Announcer and Voice Actor since 1986.

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Morning Radio jock with cast of characters for over a decade at 100,000 watt FM.


Produced television commercial voice overs for The WB, UPN, PBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and various independent production companies.


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Variety of my Character
Medium-sell Announcer

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