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Voice age

Young adult, Adult speaker, Senior

Voice pitch


Mother tongue(s)

English (UK)


English (Australia), English (neutral, Mid Atlantic), English (New Zealand), English (North America), English (UK), Hebrew

Voice usage

Commercials, Audio Ads, Documentaries, E-Learning, Comics, Dubbing/ADR, Games, Presentations, Web Videos

Own studio

Microphone(s): AKG C414B-XLS Computer: iMac G5 Dual Core 4GB RAM Software: Logic Pro Audio

Delivery as ...

MP3, WAVE, AIFF, CD (Overnight), FTP

Voice description

I've been using my voice to make a living for over 20 years. Ranging from Acting to Public Speaking to Information Technology to Marketing.

Worked at one of the top Voice Over schools in the US (www.voiceoneonline.com) and assisted in casting for many years. I have done voice over jobs for corporate industrial training, radio and television commercials, podcasts, e-learning modules, mobile phone multimedia messaging, ESL programs, video games, and trade show presentations.

As you'd expect from an actor who has been in the business for a few years, I know my range and only submit for jobs I feel I'm right for. I understand the value of a true professional and conducts my business with the idea that I'm not happy, until the client is.

Doing a lot of directing these days and have been used by Sega as a dialect consultant for their video games.

As a child, I yearned to be a soccer commentator. In 2006 my dream came true when Cisco used my voice as a commentator for a trade show presentation related to the World Cup in Germany.


Have studied at Voice One in San Francisco for 7 years. I have worked there for 4 years - I have learned much from the dozens of classes I have attended over the years. Working in such an environment, I've also picked up a lot through unconscious assimilation.

Studied Dialects with one of the top phonetics and dialect coaches in America, Doug Honorof of Yale School of Drama and Tisch NYU - http://www.verberations.com
Studied Meisner Technique with Sandy's last protege, Jim Jarrett. http://jarrettproductions.com


If you require references, please contact me directly and I'll be glad to supply you with a list of producers who can vouch for my work.


Able to speak in most British dialects - even the funny ones like Scouse and Geordie :)
Can count to infinity in 2 languages
Good mimic - many famous Brits, Americans and Kazakhstanians.

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