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Lunel, Roy

Voice Over Actor based in the Los Angeles area

Lup, Adrian

Talented voice

Lupari, Lisa

Versatile, Direcatable, Warm, Intimate, Conversational

Luque Oliva, Luis

Varios registros. Voz sugerente. Castellano neutro y canario

Lust, Leni

charmante, sinnliche Stimme 20-45 J.

Lynch, Travis

Real. Versatile. Urban.

Lynn, Celia

Conversational, Real, Believable, Girl Next Door, Adaptable

Lynn, Lisbeth

Multi-voices elegant casual sexy excited singing

Lyon, Lesley

British English voice over, smooth, warm, direct, authoritative.

Lyons-Ritter, Debbie

From sophisticated, upmarket and sexy to sweet and girly.

M, Laura


M Mateu, Xadi

Locutor Freelance

M. Jaber, Sally

Weibliches Sprechertalent in Deutsch, EN und NL

Maas, Joseph

Full-time VO professional, with a uniquely smooth voice.

Mabbett, James

Clear, Concise, Cool, Fun, Energetic, Young

Mac, Ashleigh

Mature Smooth voice that sells

Macdonald, Alex

Strong Narration, regular guy, promos easy or dramatic

Macdonald, Chris

Professional, Conversational, Polished, Confident, Guy-Next Door

Macdougall, Drummond

TRUST this Rich, warm, natural, distinctive, commanding voice

Macfry, Gerald Logan

Smooth, authentic, US-Midwest / German, Character specialist.

Macheiner, Natasha

eigenes Studio, langejährige Erfahrung, TV-Moderatorin

Macho, Olivia

Moderatorin & Sprecherin

Machowiak, Hans

Schauspieler & Sprecher

Macintyre, Duncan

Deep, reassuring, warm, confident, compelling, sincere, earthy

Mack, Anthony

Smooth , Deep, Intense, Dramatic

Mackay, Jerry

Fun, friendly, conversational, real, warm, clean

Mackenzie, Graeme

Intelligent and straight talking Scot.

Mackowski, Piotr

Good Polish Voice :)

Macmahon, Michael

\"A very British Voice\": warm, professional, believable

Macri, Corey

North American Warm lay back cool. Deep and serious

Macryn, Lecia

Warm, Friendly, Trusting, Authoritative, Confident, Strong.

Maddox, Simone

Smooth, calming, conversational, professional, enthusiastic

Madewell, Rick

Deep movie trailer voice

Madi, Amanda

Sultry, Friendly, Sexy, Conversational, Warm

Madison, Traci

International voice talent since 1986

Madrazo, Jorge

Voz versátil, dinámica y con carácter. Spanish Voice overs

Madrid Cardona, William

Locutor voz comercial y documental

Maduske, Michael

Smooth, Warm, Simple, yet effective.

Maechler, Chrystelle

Versatile: deep, corporate, moky, jazzy, childish, teeny, funny

Maerlender, Florian

sonor, knackig, lebendig, klar, individuell

Mag. Leeb, Elisabeth

ruhig,technisch exakt,seriös,kompetent-sowie frech,warm,heiß

Magdalena, Alejandro

Pleasant and warm male voice

Magermans Monterroso, Anneliese

Cantante y locutora profesional

Maggi, Christian

Locutor - actor neutral accent spanish

Maggiore, Federico

Una voce per ogni stile

Magnan, Angelique

Voiceover talent, actor and singer

Magrina Conde, Federico

Bass meets Soul

Maguda, Ken

From laid back and sincere to straight forward announcer.

Main, Carolina

A young, bright ironic voice good for characters and fun promos

Mair-Egger, Alexandra

Warme, kompetente Off-Stimme

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