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Teenager, junger Erwachsener, beste Jahre


Bass, Tenor


Englisch (Australien)


Englisch (Australien), Englisch (Canada), Englisch (Neuseeland), Englisch (neutral, Mid Atlantic), Englisch (Nordamerika), Englisch (UK)


Werbung, Dokumentation, E-Learning, Zeichentrick, Synchron, Spiele, Präsentationen, Web-Videos, Telefonsystem, Hörbücher


Mikrofon(e): Rode NT1-A, Audio Technica 4033, Rode NTG-2 Computer: Mac Software: Twisted Wave Equipment: Focusrite ISA One, Apogee One, Vocal booth




I am a highly experienced, AUTHENTIC Australian voiceover artist. If your production is in need of a fresh and unique voice, please contact me and we can get started immediately.

I have voiced well over 1000 scripts for a wide range of projects and subjects. I bring this experience with me every time I step in front of a microphone. Whether you need an announcer who sounds real and believable or a voice that is corporate and polished, I am here to help. I also often work with a North American accent. Clients frequently request me for the ubiquitous and ambiguous transatlantic or neutral English accent. Please see demo tracks for examples.

Some select clients include: Western Union, Chevron, PayPal, eBay, SC Johnson, Bacardi, Random House Audio, Boral, Newcrest Mining, VISA, Cargill, HSBC, National Australia Bank, Shell, Skilled, Microsoft Training, XBOX 360, EB Games, UNICEF and WWF.


Elley-Ray Hennessy, Nancy Wolfson, Richard Horvitz


TV and Radio Voices
"Matt is one of the most gifted voice artists I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His characters voices are real and real creative. He can give you true characters or incredible voices for animation. He's always got several great deliveries for narration. I will hire Matt without reservation in the future, as I know he will always deliver the goods, or in his case, the greats"

-Dustin Ebaugh

Killer Kopy
“Matt is the bomb! He has a natural ability to interpret a script and bring it life with character and vigour! Never content to rest on his laurels, he is always looking for new ways to learn and grow his natural talent and each time I work with him I am always in awe of his growth, professionalism and ability. This guy is the voice! Love ya work Matty!”

-Karly Nimmo


As a pro Aussie voice, I have collaborated on many, MANY different productions for:

-Corporate/industrial and eLearning narrations: From easy-going, laid back delivery to professional, warm and polished.
-Telephony (IVR/Text to speech/on-hold prompts): Engaging
-Commercials (TV, radio and cinema): National ads. I excel at the natural, fun, quirky read. I also record commercials that are pumped, energetic and have a hard-sell attitude.
-Animation and video games: Wide range of creative characters that are entertaining and believable
-Audiobook: Range of narration styles for thriller, mystery, action, suspense, fiction and non-fiction. Can perform multiple characters, too
-Explainer videos - fresh, natural and real voiceovers for this great new way to communicate messages online

These days it can be hard to make your business stand out, or grasp the attention of the masses. Hiring a voiceover artist to make that message stand out is a GREAT start. Why not take things a step further and engage your audience with a fancy-schmancy international accent?

Homepage von Matt


Homepage von Matt

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Sprecher Matt Cowlrick


International accent
Australian accent
commercial demo
Narration (Industrial and
Animation and character
English demo

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