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Teenager, junger Erwachsener, beste Jahre, Senior(in)


Bass, Tenor


Englisch (Nordamerika)


Englisch (Australien), Englisch (Canada), Englisch (Irland), Englisch (Neuseeland), Englisch (neutral, Mid Atlantic), Englisch (Nordamerika), Englisch (Südafrika), Englisch (UK)


Werbung, Dokumentation, E-Learning, Zeichentrick, Jingles, Lieder, Synchron, Spiele, Präsentationen, Web-Videos, Telefonsystem, Moderation (on), Hörbücher


Mikrofon(e): Audio-Technica AT4033a studio condenser, Audio-Technica AT8015 shotgun, and MXL V6EM secondary studio condenser Computer: Custom built PC, with HT Omega Claro Plus+ Sound Card Software: Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Skype Equipment: Spirit by Soundcraft Folio Notepad mixer, M-Audio USB Audio Interface, Soundproofed recording booth




I'm a video game nut, Rock Band 2 expert drummer/guitarist/vocalist, hockey fan, and a guy next door with a natural, friendly feel. I've got a firm grasp on comedic timing with a wide array of character voices and dialects that can be utilized in any capacity. I have experience with commercials, video games, web cartoons, audiobooks, iPhone apps, IVR, ADR, radio plays, elearning software, and more. For a full list of my credits, please visit KyleMcCarley.com.


Voice-Over classes and private coaching from Cheryllynn Carter

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at the University of Southern California

Acting Classes with Dee Marie Nieto at El Camino College, Anita Dashiell-Sparks, Lora Zane, and Stacie Chaiken at USC

Dialects Classes with Gunther Jenson at El Camino College, Kathleen Dunn at USC

Improv Classes with Ron Scarlotta at El Camino College

Performance for Camera Classes with Joseph Hacker and Laurie Burton at USC

Musical Theatre Classes with Michael Biers and Kelly Ward at USC

Private Vocal Music Lessons with Neil Allsup at the Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, Kansas



-Michigan Education Trust :30 Radio Spot with Daniel Brian & Associates, 2011
-University of Northern Iowa :30 Radio Spot with EdgeCore, 2011
-Welcome to Rent Check Online Welcome/How-To Video, 2011
-How MyPrintCloud Works Welcome/How-To Video, 2011
-EA Games Voicemail Auto Attendant, 2011
-Little Space Heroes Trailer with Bubble Gum Interactive, 2011

Animation/Interactive & Other Character

-Shadows on the Vatican, role of James, with Adventure’s -Planet, 2012 {post production}
-Yabber Magazine, role of Yabber the Frog, 2011 {post production}
-Reading Quest (VG), All roles, Liquid Interactive, 2011
-Delilah Goes to Zippo’s Birthday, role of Maurice the Monkey, with Diversionary Therapy Technologies, 2011
-Dragon Nest (VG), role of Warrior and Various others, with Nexon America, 2011-present
-Varity Vampire, role of Josh and Various others, Possessed Productions, 2011
-Mabinogi Shakespeare (VG), role of Mercutio, Nexon America, 2011
-MapleStory (VG), roles of Jenn/Eckhart/Male Androids, with Nexon America, 2011
-Atlantica Online (VG), Various roles, with Nexon America, 2011
-Life Reformatted (Radio Play), role of Tom Wilks, with Blastbay Studios, 2010
-Vindictus (VG), role of Marrec and Various others, with Nexon America, 2010-present
-Laser Mission the Musical, role of Sonny, with Rick Bickerstaff / BoStaff Productions, 2010
-Tales from Your Mom’s Basement (Radio Play), Various roles, with Original Media for Gamers, 2010
-Dungeon Fighter Online (VG), Various roles, with Nexon America, 2009-2010
-The Chalice of Silvermoon (Radio Play), roles of Jason/Sampson/Tickelbur/Dwarf/Uggh/Orn and Various others, with WoW Radio, 2005-2009
-The Heretic, role of Red 2: Ben Jefferson, with Edgeworks Entertainment, 2006-2007


-Nightingale by David Farland with East India Press, 2011
-Romeo & Juliet (Act II, Scene 2) by William Shakespeare with Study Sync, 2011
-Red Serpent: The Elemental King by Delson Armstrong with 9ine Inc., 2011
-Araby by James Joyce with Study Sync, 2011
-Red Serpent: The Prophet’s Secrets by Delson Armstrong with 9ine Inc., 2010
-Red Serpent: The Falsifier by Delson Armstrong with 9ine Inc., 2010


I'm a theatrically trained actor, I love doing character voices, I'm more than happy to do on-camera work, I like writing, hockey, video games, watching TV, cartoons, and films.

I can play the harmonica, the piano, I can sing, and do lots of character voices and dialects. I also pick up on new voices and dialects quickly and easily with little or no outside assistance.

Accents/Dialects & Character Voices I Know Include:

British (R.P.), Cockney, South African, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Australian, East Texas, Southern (Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, etc), Northern States (Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin), New York, Boston, Midwest, German, Russian, Deep voiced manly man superhero, Nerdy geeky wimpy boy with braces or overactive saliva glands, Pubescent boy, Techno-geek, Manly woman, Stereotypical gay guy, Looney Tunes-esque big dumb voice, Big dumb cockney, Wise old king, Dirty old man, Annoying kid with stutter, Pipsqueak with anger management issues, pirate, fantasy dwarf, Monster truck announcer, radio announcer, Back of the throat Sesame Street-esque annoying guy, Yoda impersonation, Kermit the Frog impersonation, Dr. Klaw impersonation, Stewie from Family Guy impersonation, Evil British, Villains, Heroes, Regular guys, and more

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Homepage von Kyle

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